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Motion Tracking: Count Every Rep

Superhero Workout isn’t just a pretty timer: we count every rep and every calorie using your device’s camera. It’s the fastest, most interactive workout you’ll ever do!

20 Epic Missions

Earth is under threat of invasion. You are pilot of the AEGIS One battlesuit, our last line of defence. Your workout isn’t just about keeping in shape – it’s about saving the world.

Workouts for Every Hero

We’ve created twelve workouts, tailored for every hero. Want to improve your abs? Try our Core Reactor workout. Need a fast, energetic session? Our Hypersonic workout is for you! Even better: no special equipment is needed!

Challenge Yourself

Exclusive to iOS - Seven exciting challenges to test your stamina in a variety of different exercises. Try to beat your last high score!

Battle on a Big Screen

Got an Apple TV or Chromecast? Connect the app and see your moves on a bigger screen - leaving you to put your device wherever it can track you best.

Progress in Perfect Detail

See your improvement over time with graphs of your reps and calories for every workout and every type of exercise. Earn achivements for hitting rep targets and working out regularly.

From the co-creators of the world’s most popular fitness games with over one million players, Zombies, Run! & The Walk